Diversity Initiatives

Luis Leal

The Division is committed to promoting diversity across the campus community by providing support for innovative programming, recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty, students, and staff, and creating new avenues for discourse. A diverse community promotes plural perspectives that are paramount to the intellectual environment on our campus. The Division is committed to the institutionalization of interdisciplinary programs and centers where faculty, staff, and students collaborate to achieve academic excellence in the areas of culture, ethnic studies, global studies, race and ethnicity, and sexuality and gender.  We are also proud to host programs for undergraduates (UCSB McNair Scholars Program) and to provide opportunities for faculty, graduate students, and staff development through variety of initiatives. Please visit the links below to learn more about programs, resources, and contacts.

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Diversity Forum

The Diversity Forum Newsletter is designed to inform the campus community about initiatives and activities related to fostering a culture of diversity on campus.