Endowed Chairs

Social Sciences Endowed Professorships

At UC Santa Barbara, private philanthropic support is central to maintaining the quality of teaching, research, and public service. One of the most important types of gifts to higher education is an endowed chair, for an endowed chair provides enrichments —such as research money and support for instruction—that are important to the recruitment and retention of the world's greatest scholars.

Alec P. Alexander Chair in Economics
Economics Department
Walter and Thelma Mead, Donors

Leonard Broom Chair in Demography
Social Sciences Division
Leonard* and Gretchan Broom, Donors
Shelley Lundberg, Broom Professor of Demography

Jeff Henley Chair in Economics
Economics Department
Jeff and Judy Henley ’66/H ’09, Donors
Finn E. Kydland, Henley Professor of Economics
2004 Nobel Prize in Economics

Blair Hull Chair in Women’s Studies
Department of Feminist Studies
M. Blair Hull ’65, Donor
Eileen Boris, Hull Professor of Women’s Studies

Louis G. Lancaster Chair in International Relations
Political Science Department
Winifred H. Lancaster* H ’89, Donor
J. Benjamin Cohen, Lancaster Professor of International Relations

Luis Leal Chair in Chicana and Chicano Studies
Chicana and Chicano Studies Department
Individuals, Foundations, Corporations, and the Mexican Government, Donors
Aida Hurtado, Leal Professor of Chicana and Chicano Studies

SAGE Sara Miller McCune Dean of Social Sciences Chair
Social Sciences
SAGE Publications, Inc., Donor
Melvin L. Oliver, SAGE Professor and Dean of Social Sciences

Walter J. Mead Chair in Economics
Economics Department
Walter and Thelma Mead, Donors

Maxwell C. and Mary Pellish Chair in Economics
Economics Department
Colonel Maxwell C. Pellish* and Mrs. Mary Pellish, Donors
For Distinguished Visiting Professors

Aaron and Cherie Raznick Chair in Economics
College of Letters and Science
Aaron* and Cherie Raznick H ’88, Donors
Theodore C. Bergstrom, Raznick Professor of Economics

Arthur N. Rupe Chair in the Social Effects of Mass Communication
Communication Department
Arthur N. Rupe Foundation, Donor
Ronald E. Rice, Rupe Professor of the Social Effects of Mass Communication

Anton Vonk Chair in International Security
Political Science Department
Anton Vonk, M.A. ’05 and Diane Boss, Donors