• Hannah Wohl

Get to know Hannah Wohl, assistant professor in UC Santa Barbara's Department of Sociology

Anthropology Professor Douglas Kennett discusses how a warming climate could lead to drier conditions in the Neotropics, including Central America.


Panelists include Jaime Amparo Alves and Jean Beaman, assistant professors in the departments of Black studies and sociology, respectively; and Matt Richardson, an associate professor in the Department of Feminist Studies.

Sociology Professor Erika Arenas was awarded a generous grant to conduct the fourth wave of the Mexican Family Life Survey project. 

Here is another contribution of UCSB's Department of Communication and its Media Neuroscience Lab to matters of Inclusion and Diversity. 


Asian American Studies professor Xiaojian Zhao co-authors a book that looks anew at China's Sent-Down Youth Movement


“Our goal is to empower educators and create material that will be useful to high school teachers as well as university professors — and to students as well", John Foran. 

"In 2020, I predict some wins and some losses when it comes to cleaning up our enegy system to address the climate crisis."