About our Faculty

Faculty in the Social Sciences provide an outstanding context for research and learning for more than 6,500 undergraduates and nearly 400 graduate students in 12 departments.  The student experience is enriched by faculty diversity, not just diverse in terms of race and gender but a faculty that demonstrates a diversity of talents, teaching approaches, and research interests.

Social Scientists bring new discoveries to the forefront: communicating critical perspectives on social, political, and economic issues that confront contemporary society; providing communities and policymakers with alternative visions of how to bring about social change; and making connections between data and behavior. 

Faculty research vital issues such as globalization; the link between science, technology, sustainability and social policy; modes of conflict and communication within and between societies; and how the economy is affected by governmental decisions. The faculty's  interdisciplinary approach to society, culture, economics, politics, ethnicity, and gender offers students a rich understanding of the world.