Social Science Research Projects, Writings and Action Related to the Pandemic



Affifi, Walid and Tamara: COMM, have research profiled in the Current, on the topic, “Scholars’ national survey finds COVID-19 crisis hitting low-income Americans harder.”

Beaman, Jean: SOCL, is participating in a zoom symposium in Copenhagen, presenting the paper, “Living on the Margins: Before and During COVID-19.”

Boris, Eileen: FMST,  When Home is a Workplace.  She also authored Migrant domestic and care workers: high risk but low protection.

Gurven, Michael: ANTH, part of a team composed of anthropologists, physicians, tribal leaders and local government authorities that developed and implemented a multi-phase COVID-19 prevention and containment plan among the Tsimane, and indigenous group of forager-horticulturists in the Bolivian Amazon.

Hoelle, Jeffrey: ANTH, "Social dimensions of COVID-19 in Isla Vista, California". 

Meng, Kyle: ECON and Brenn, has co-authored the article “Causal empirical estimates suggest COVID-19 transmission rates are highly seasonal.”

Nabi, Robin: COMM, has three projects underway, profiled here.

Stokes, Leah: POLS, is cited almost daily in media content related to environmental politics and COVID.  See, for example, this LA Times profile.

Walther, Joe: COMM and CITS, has been cited widely in the NPR investigative report, “Too Much Alone Time? Tips To Connect And Find Joy While Social Distancing.”



Aho, Brett & Riordan, Eugene: GLST, "Uncontrollable Droplets: The Weaponization of Social Media for the Anti-mask Movement"

Alami Gouraftei, Sarah: ANTH, "Modeling the spread of COVID-19 in the Bolivian Amazon"

Bursto, Adam: SOCL, "The Post-Truth Pandemic: Understanding the Role of Misinformation in Anti-Science Activism"

Cifuentes, Sylvia: GLST, "Territory, autonomy and rights: indigenous organizations and COVID-19 in the Amazon basin & curriculum development about the social dimensions of COVID-19"

Cornejo, Monica: COMM, "Latina/o/x Undocumented Immigrants Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Endacott, Camille: COMM, "Understanding Organizational Assimilation in Remote Work Arrangements"

Haughton, Chantel: COMM, "Family Discussions about Mental Health in Black and Latinx Communities in the Context of COVID-19 and Civil Unrest"

Lonergan, Chelsea: COMM, "Does COVID-19 Stress Predict Moral Decision-Making?"

Miller, Mariah: GLST, "Covid-19 in Spain"

Navick, Nitzan: COMM, "The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on underserved students' virtual teamwork"

Prado, Alejandro: CHST, "COVID-19 and the Invisible Side of Multiculturalism: Latinx Labor Dynamics in the Chinese Restaurant Industry"

Smyth, Lauren: ANTH, "Taking the Mosque Digital: Santa Barbara Muslim Space during COVID-19"

Stahl, Anita: FMST, "All Matches Have Been Suspended"