Professor Jeffrey Stewart receives 2018 Chancellor’s Faculty Award

Award Recipient: 

Jeffrey Stewart

Award Date: 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Professor Jeffrey Stewart has received the Chancellor’s Faculty Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring. Since arriving in 2008 to chair the UCSB Department of Black Studies, he “chose to make the education of our undergraduates, and especially their emergence as research scholars, his first priority,” Vilna Bashi Treitler, current chair, wrote in her nomination of Stewart.

Stewart founded The Black Studies Review: An Undergraduate Research Journal, the first publication of its kind in the country, as a forum for research conducted by students in Black studies. He also revamped the department’s senior seminar to focus on research, resulting in published studies about environmental justice and racism, black entrepreneurship, and the built environment and social relations on the UCSB campus.

Stated Treitler, Stewart’s efforts have served to “reveal the scholarly capability of our UCSB students as knowledge creators, not simply knowledge receivers, in Black studies.”

“The curricular rubric for undergraduate research in the major is largely rooted in Jeffrey’s vision for the connection between inquiry, methods and writing,” added Stephanie Batiste, an associate professor of Black studies and of English, who also nominated Stewart. “The Black Studies Review has provided a goal towards which undergraduates can reach and a standard for them to emulate. Further, Jeffrey’s approach to research has rigorously linked the humanities’ disciplinary innovations to social sciences methodologies and rubrics emphasizing the complicated intermixture of these that constitutes Black studies as a field.”

News Date: 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018