• Alisa Tazhitdinova

Get to know Alisa Tazhitdinova, assistant professor in UC Santa Barbara's Department of Economics

The Dean of Social Sciences announces a new cluster hiring initiative focused on recruiting faculty with expertise on the topic of Global Migration. 

Professor Rene Weber and graduate students Jacob Fisher and Frederic Hopp presented their paper that received the Top 5 Paper Award at the 105th annual meeting of the National Communication Association.


The Division of Social Sciences is happy to welcome new faculty to its ranks in 2019. Their scholarly contributions will further expand the diversity and interdisciplinary research strengths for which the Division of Social Sciences is known.



“In practical terms, this is no different from how all of us as individuals deal with a deficit in our personal budget,” Cohen said. “Every time we use a credit card we are building up debt. If over the course of time our income fails to match the accumulation of debt, we are in deficit. Same for families; same for business enterprises; same for every level of government (cities, counties, states).”

“I argue in the book that labor standards for women workers are really about the allocation of women’s labor power, whether it’s at the home or workplace. If you don’t have social support for housework and care work, it’s very hard for those who undertake such labor to be employed in the most productive and efficient way.”

“Everything feels connected with masculinity right now, from mass shootings to the #metoo movement to the resurgence of a white supremacist movement in the U.S.,” said Tristan Bridges, an assistant professor of sociology and organizer of the series. “So it’s an important moment to have conversations about this. Some of them are going to be uncomfortable. But these moments are productive.”

“We developed a computational model to create a world in which we can vary how many niches are in the environment,” said Michael Gurven, a professor of anthropology.

UC Santa Barbara, which this year experienced the most competitive admissions process in campus history, continues to attract the best of the best.