Congratulations to Asian American Faculty Members for Recognition in the Council of Editors of Learned Journals!

Ninh and co-editor Shireen Roshanravan of Northeastern Illinois University received CELJ’s award for Best Public Intellectual Special Issue for their forum #Wetoo: A Reader.
Diane Fujino, a UCSB professor of Asian American Studies and co-editor in chief of the Journal of Asian American Studies, called the #Wetoo issue “a powerful set of articles on racialized sexual violence that insists on complexity of thinking about the meanings of violence and dives into complicated discussions of silence and complicity. It is innovative, daring even, in its approaches in an academic journal that include creative and autobiographical writing. It intervenes in a crucially important issue and is already having a pedagogical impact in the classroom and among wider publics.”
A Journal Project of Note

News Date: 

Thursday, February 3, 2022